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Please Note that this area is just to share your views. To object you must write, email to or post comments on the Wycombe District Council's Planning web site

You can also write to your local councillor & MP all contact details are below.

Note: You must Quote Application Ref: 11/05045/FUL on any correspondence.

Contact Address Web site / Email
Wycombe District Council Planning Dept Queen Victoria Street, High Wycombe,
Bucks HP11 1BB
(Direct Link to Search form enter 11/05045/FUL)
Councillor R W Jennings 2 Halls Corner, Flackwell Heath, High Wycombe Bucks HP10 9BW
Councillor J D Langley 18 Rush Burn, Wooburn Green, Bucks HP10 0BT
Councillor John A Savage 45 Chapman Lane, Flackwell Heath,
Bucks HP10 9BD
Dominic Grieve Member of Parliament for our area (Direct link to contact page)
Thoughts, ideas and comments regarding the Green Man & Sainsbury proposal, email
Jem Bailey who is a member of the Green Party but also live in the village has set up a web site to fight this proposed store, although we are not responsible for the content of this site it may contain further useful information.

Thu 17/02/2011 21:35

As one of the many roads in the village which already suffers from considerable traffic and parking problems, Swains Lane residents, along with all other village residents, are going to be further significantly affected if the current Sainsbury's development plans go ahead.

Many of us along Swains Lane have already written to the Council through the formal consultation exercise to express our views that the plans will lead to further traffic and parking problems, particularly along the 4 roads which interconnect at the roundabout by the shops. We have also been asking why the Council has not yet challenged the plans on the basis that the current traffic statement made in support of the planning application has used parking and traffic flow data from villages in Northamptonshire and Lincolnshire, rather than this being based on Flackwell Heath itself.  To a lay person, this just does not make any sense - why is no-one bothering to come down and look at the real traffic situation in our village ?  How can someone possibly make such an important assessment by sitting behind a desk, simply reading a report, as the basis to make their decision on ? (especially when this report contains nothing more than assumptions from other unconnected locations, rather than actual data from the real village and roads being affected),

Out of courtesy to everyone, in the past all the residents along Swains Lane have parked their cars partly on the pavement and partly on the road, in order to ensure both traffic and pedestrians can travel along Swains Lane, relatively unhindered, despite it being a narrow road and never having been designed to cater for the volume and type of traffic that now flows along it.  While parking this way is a compromise, which inevitably causes other types of problems, parking outside our houses this way also means we can do the normal day to day things everyone generally takes for granted, like unload our shopping, usher our children into and out of our cars and also keep an eye on our vehicles, to avoid them being damaged, or vandalised (something which has sadly occurred too many times in the past, either by passing motorists, or by cars being keyed).
In order to demonstrate just how busy the roads already are, as a group of like-minded residents, we have decided to park on the road for a period of time as of Monday 21st Feb.  We wish to make it known that our sole intention behind doing this is that we merely want to focus people's attention on how difficult it already is for traffic to flow and park freely and safely along Swains Lane, as well as how difficult it is for the residents of Swains Lane to enter or exit our cars safely.  Our hope is that it will also focus the Council's attention in such a way that they will insist a proper Traffic Assessment is undertaken as part of the current planning application process, with any final planning decisions then being based on this, rather than the current Traffic Statement.

Our view is that every resident should be able to safely walk, cycle or drive through our village at all times - however, this is becoming increasingly difficult to do and we believe this will become even more so, if the current plans go ahead in their current format. We therefore hope all other Flackwell Heath residents will support us in taking this action, since it is our intention for everyone in the village to benefit from safer and less busy roads as a result. 

Phil H

Sun 06/02/2011 16:32

I wish to express my strong support for a Sainsbury Local ''top up convenience' store in Flackwell Heath. We are elderly and currently have to travel to Beaconsfield to get the Sainsbury products we like. Unfortunately I was not aware that a meeting was being held to discuss the issue. Sheila C

Fri 04/02/2011 11:48

The Council are currently holding a number of public consultation exercises on issues which might be of interest to Flackwell Heath residents to take part in: One is on the Local Transport Plan, which will influence local transport issues for the next 5 years, (closes 25th Feb) and one is on Road Safety (closes 15th March).  Any residents who have commented on the traffic congestion and road safety aspects of the current Green Man development proposals might therefore like to consider also making their opinions known via these two separate consultations.  Details can be accessed through the Council website at:

By taking part you'll be able to have your say on how you'd like to see our village roads look in the future. Phil H

Wed 02/02/2011 16:54
My family moved to Flackwell Heath in Sept 09 and we love living in the village but always thought the Green Man was an absolute eyesore and had definitely seen better days.
I think it's pretty crazy to have a Sainsburys local in the village when such a huge Tesco's is 5 minutes down the road and especially as Budgens services most people's needs pretty well - the staff are great and were wonderful to the more elderly residents when the snow brought everything to a halt, not sure you would get the same service at a larger retailer.
At the risk of being shot down by other residents I would love to see a coffee shop in the village, Costa has done a great trade in Bourne End since it opened, it is almost always busy with customers of every age, we pop in there most weekends and it would be great to have something like this where people can meet and socialise.
I know it is exceptionally difficult to halt progress these days and a Sainsburys local or Tesco express would generate jobs for local people but I think the building of it would create chaos especially so close to Carrington School, the village is always a pain to navigate in the mornings and afternoons.
I am sure there are far better suggestions to the one currently being proposed by the council but it seems to be that there is rarely any any money to create something community based that the local residents, old and young would benefit from especially as the hideous community centre is still standing....?? Lisa F

Sun 30/01/2011 12:36

It is a shame that yet another long standing part of old Flackwell is about to be consigned to history.
I have known the village since 1968 when my parents moved us here from High Wycombe and seen many changes.
Gone is the old Victorian school in favour of a 'modern' monstrosity that is the Community Centre.
Gone are many of the old houses, mostly replaced with flats.
Gone are some of the old shops like Wilkes Stores and Boddies Newsagent.
Many other shops too ,have been and gone over the years as retail trends and the economy dictate.
Most sadly, gone are the many orchards I scrumpted in as a child and more than one woods ring-fenced and no longer resounding to the sounds of laughter and screaming as children play freely.

This is a VILLAGE not a small town. The heart of the community is being eroded and forgotten.
Yes the village has seen better days and yes development will always be necessary but for the benefit of the village not of 'big business'.

Whilst we lament to proposed coming of Sainsburys let's also think to our neighbour Bourne End.
It currently has two Co-ops with the proposed Tesco seemingly unstoppable.
It too is being faced with a proposed Sainsbury store of its' own opposite the Tesco site!!
Villages have always had their village store and as time has gone on these have been replaced with small supermarkets but why do we need so many in one location.
Granted it could be seen as fair competition, survival of the fittest/cheapest and some will like having the big name store on their doorstep but for most I think we can all agree that one supermarket in a village is enough. It is not like we have to go far for competition.
Even people like my mum who is in her 70's are happy to get the bus to town to shop in the major stores and indeed the social aspect of travelling with regular friends and acquaintances is just as important as the actual shopping. For some I am sure being the only social contact they have.

We in Flackwell Heath have always been lucky and well provided for with shops, pubs, a library, good schools and more.
If anything needs redeveloping it is the ugly and dated red brick carbuncle that is the community centre.
The whole thing should be pulled down and replaced with a building more in keeping with a village.
It has been mentioned that the youth need somewhere to meet.
Obviously a community building would be ideal.

Here's a thought. Build a much larger and more attractive Community Centre by having parking for access only, moving the recycling banks to Old Kiln Road where they would be more accessible and with the old Green Man site being changed into a car park if needed.
I do feel however that the amount of parking in Old Kiln Road would be sufficient for any vehicular requirements for the Centre.
The suggestion that the Post Office and Chinese Take Away move is an interesting one as the parade in which they now stand is underused and run down.
What would be an asset to the village is in opposition to some of what I have said in that I would encourage one Chain Store to the village who would affect a local shop.
That being Blockbuster Video for whom we currently have to go to Beaconsfield, Marlow or Hazlemere.
This would not only service the village but also our neighbours too. The current provision I and others feel is not giving the service required which could only be given by the market leader.
Traffic impact would be low as they are mostly used after work and at weekends when traffic volumes are lower.
It would also be 'greener' as people would not have to drive so far, if at all, to hire a dvd or game.
This I am sure would meet with approval from many including the youth of the village who can't drive to the aforementioned locations.

At the end of the day we all like what we know and are comfortable with and generally resist change.
Unfortunately 'change' is the way of the world but at least we can try to moderate it and assure it is 'in keeping' and of benefit to the village and its' people.

Andrew P

Fri 28/01/2011 14:31

It would be interesting to do a poll as to what people would like to see on that site. One idea I heard today was to move the Post Office and Chinese Take Away on to the pub site so the whole area of that side of The Common, including the old bank site, could be used better, maybe for housing. I would be interested in somewhere for the Youth or possibly a different restaurant to complement Rhaduni. Alison H

Wed 26/01/2011 16:34

I have written to the council objecting on various issues but am wondering if is is a fete accomple and that is why we have been more or less kept in the dark until the 11th hour. I notice the estate agents involved are even out of the area. I wonder why? Juliet A

Wed 26/01/2011 12:45

I think that the proposed Sainsbury’s site is one of the best ideas that has been proposed for a long time, the current village shops offer very little compared to Tesco and Sainsbury, so it will be a wake up call. Charles H

Tue 25/01/2011 15:18

I am writing to protest against the above proposal with the following points Increase in traffic congestion and accidents, especially with Common Road, the mini roundabout and Carrington School nearby Volume of noise levels: delivery lorries particularly Proposed opening hours We already have a good, varied amount of shops in this village Judith R

Tue 25/01/2011 12:39

When sending comments to the Planning Committee, and others, against it would be a good idea to include sensible, and viable, alternatives for use of the site. Viz: An Arts and Craft Centre combined with a Youth Centre. Edward S

Mon 24/01/2011 22:32

Having gone to the meeting at the community centre regarding the proposed Sainsbury store I was impressed that the youngsters of the village bothered to attend.They even spoke out about the proposal. They mentioned that they wanted somewhere to chill out... Why not? We have some great youngsters in our village who are usually ignored. I work in one of the local shops and we have very little problem with the teenagers at all. The adults yes ! If we go some way to halting Sainsbury and can put so much energy into stopping that ,why can we not put our energies into making sure that the youngsters have a future in the village by helping them finding a place to meet their friends ? Jackie H (not a youngster at all)










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