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July 2008
February 2010
Snow in Flackwell Heath
Iain Rennie Hospice Shop, 1st year
The al Habtoor Youth Award
Cherrymead Surgery
The Chapel Dental Practice
Pigeon House Farm
July 2008
March 2010
John Sweetman Passes on the Baton
438 km for Dallaglio Foundation
"Have Your Say” to your local Police
July 2008
April 2010
The al Habtoor Youth Award
The Green Man is Back Again
Improvements at the Vets
Dance at the Community Centre
Flackwell Heath Bowls Club
Leanne Thomas
July 2008
May 2010
Schools, ‘Among the best in Bucks’
The Captain’s Annual Drive
Flackwell Heath Minors FC
Rosemary Conley Diet and Fitness Clubs
What do you do in your garden?

July 2008
June 2010
New Chairman of the FH Community Association
CARRINGTON Junior School 50 years old
Rita Trigger Plans to Enjoy her Retirement
Hidden treasure found in Flackwell Heath
First Soccer
July 2008
July 2010
Mrs Jo Plaskitt is Retiring
Ken Ross becomes an Alderman
Green Woodpeckers
Flackwell Heath Cubs.
Flying Over Flackwell
July 2008
August - September 2010
Cherry Fayre – the Family Day
Karate Kids
Flackwell Heath Library
The Heath Singers
Community Pay Back
July 2008
October 2010
Mrs Daphne Dru, Carrington Junior’s New Head
Age Concern Day Centre
Build your own roundabout and meet the neighbours
Mr Khalaf Al Habtoor
July 2008
November 2010
Flackwell Heath Amateur Dramatic Society
Juniper Hill s c h o o l
July 2008
December 2010, Jan 2011
A Library for the Future
The Jemma Thomas Scholarship
Billy knows, do you?
Flackwell's own Banksy!
West Wycombe Community Library
Flackwell Players


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