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Neighbourhood Watch News - April 2018

Spring has arrived


The dawn is getting a bit earlier, sunset a bit later and the days that little bit longer and warmer.  The clocks went FORWARD 1 hour on Sunday March 25th, so everyone will have reset their clocks and watches unless radio-controlled.  What about all your security and other timers?  Have they all been adjusted?  And don’t forget to review security timers throughout the year to ensure that they are switching devices ON and OFF at appropriate times!


Tabletop Event, Christ Church


Well, due to the vagaries of the British weather, the event scheduled for March 2nd had to be postponed.  It would not have been safe for folk to be out and about with all the snow that ‘The Beast from the East’ deposited on us.  Maybe you were able to attend the replacement event on March 23rd?  If so, then I hope that you found something of interest and relevance.  Card Defender continues to be a popular item to protect your Credit/Debit cards from the ‘skimmers’, and the new Defender Signal Blocker is a very useful addition to the ways in which we can protect our property.  You may have seen the recent TV Alert about this special wallet for shielding your mobile phone from ALL incoming calls, alerts and messages whilst you are at the wheel.  It is also claimed to protect you cars keyless fob from being ‘relayed/skimmed’ whilst your car and contents are parked.


Cold Calls and Phishing


We continue to be plagued with ‘cold calls’ to our phones, and phishing emails into our Inbox.  Many phone service providers now offer systems to screen incoming calls – those that manage to sneak past your Telephone Preference (TPS) settings – although most charge for this service!  We have activated TalkTalk’s ‘Call Safe’ and I have to say it seems pretty effective, easy to manage and FREE, and it has now replaced my own system which screened calls using the answering machine and caller display!


Phishing emails seem to hit the inbox on a daily basis with those claiming to be from HMRC offering tax rebates being prevalent as I write this.  Most legitimate organisations now have an email address to which you can ‘forward’ any phishing email, and then DELETE the message from your device.  A simple ‘Google’ search eg. ‘HMRC report phishing’ will generally find the email address required.  In addition, such phishing email can be forwarded to Action Fraud, the UK’s national fraud and cyber crime reporting centre, who will pass them to the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) run by the City of London Police for collation and analysis.  The appropriate address for Action Fraud is: and it will help them greatly if you can include the ‘Message Headers’ with the forwarded message, as these provide information about the origin and routing of the phishing message.  Instructions on how to ‘reveal’ message headers for various email applications can be found at:



For further information on these topics or about Neighbourhood Watch, contact:

David GresswellArea Co-ordinator, Flackwell Heath

(Tel: 525019   e-mail:


Police General & Non-emergency number: 101
Community Safety Team (Anti-social behaviour): 01494 421 087 (
Crimestoppers (Anonymous): 0800 555 111
Trading Standards (Consumer Direct): 0345 4 04 05 06 (NEW Prefix)
Cyberaware –
ACTION FRAUD: 0300 123 2040 (
The Information Commissioner’s Office: 0303 123 1113
NHS: 111



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